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Welcome to FlyteLine!

Welcome to the exciting virtual world of FlyteLine! Based on the program FSEconomy by "Marty Bochane". Fly aircraft in your Microsoft Flight Simulator and select from thousands of randomly generated assignments that you fly, to earn virtual money. You can buy aircraft, start a business, open up FBOs, and much more. If you would like to know more about this free community, just read the manual and visit our community forum. Links can be found on the right side of this page.

High-paying Jobs, Non-listed Aircraft for Sale, Business Opportunities & More

Lots of information like this can be found on the FlyteLine Forum. If you have not taken the opportunity, be sure to check out the forum for the latest news and discussion. Groups often put up high-paying assignments that go fast, and members often sell and request aircraft that are not on the For Sale page. Improvements to the website are listed in the Development forum as they happen, and often this is the only way players find out about new additions.

Groups and individuals that wish to purchase inactive FBOs often try to contact current FBO owners in the forums before building another FBO at the same site. If you own an inactive FBO, you will want to keep an eye out for buyers or even post your FBO for sale.

This vibrant forum is moderated on a regular basis, so all members can enjoy the community of FlyteLine. Come on in and join today. Get connected!

Join us on Multiplay

Every Wednesday evening at 01:30 Zulu, a group of our members get together for an online 'Group Flight'. We pick up an assignment and fly to a destination, starting from where we landed the previous week. We've done tours around Alaska, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Himalayas, Australia and a trip around the world. So join us for some online fun! See the forums for more details.

Jets and Larger Planes Now Part of FlyteLine

Flyteline expands the range of aircraft available beyond primarily GA piston engine aircraft to include many large aircraft, ranging from the default Bombardier Lear 45 to the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus 380.

Our Community

The management of the FlyteLine world is a complex task.
We decided to let the program police itself and all members of our community agree to abide by the FlyteLine terms and Rules of Fair Play whenever they log on to the server.


Marty Bochane, the Original creator of FS Economy, on which FlyteLine is based,and the creator of the Client program.
Paul Dahlen, Additional coding and cosmetics on the original FSeconomy.
Mike Summerfield, Additional coding and cosmetics for FlyteLine.
DC Wambolt, Creater of the terrific manual which we would advise all to read.
Marv, Admin staff who has taken over the running of FlyteLine and supplies the server.
Brian, Who has done extra work on the FlyteLine client and additional coding.
Waite, For all his work on the Aircraft Pricing, and being FlyteLine's Mathemagician.
Some people mentioned above have donated cash, and/or time towards keeping FlyteLine live and free to use for everyone, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.